Westlers offer a range of hotdog  machinery to our customers to support their business and help promote their hotdog sales. This support is available on a free on loan* basis. Our current inventory includes branded steamers, bain maries, roller grills and carts.

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*Machinery packages are subject to contract / minimum order quantities.

2 Pan Bain Maries

This robust and durable steamer is designed for high volume sites. Designed with perforated inner pans, that ensure steam circulates evenly and heats the frankfurters to temperature quickly.

Depth: 335mm | Width: 543mm | Height:300mm | Capacity: *70 (90g 8″ Frankfurters)

Hot Dog Roller Grill

Our Hotdog roller grills are available in a variety of sizes beyond the mid tier model shown here. Each machine comes with Teflon coated rollers which are durable, easy to clean and non stick. Stadia style rollers are set at an angle to show the hotdogs off at their best. Whilst the consistent heat and rolling method combines to give the hotdogs a even golden brown finish, time after time. There is no better way to heat a hotdog.

Depth: 520mm | Width: 600mm | Height:325mm | Capacity: *20 (90g 8″ Frankfurters)

Upright Steamer

Our upright steamer is perfect for positioning on a back bar or counter, where product visibility is a must. This steamer features a pull down full view tempered glass door for simple and safe access. This is a great steamer for larger pubs and clubs or late night venues, where the product needs to be on display, but out of reach.

Depth: 400mm | Width: 355mm | Height: 400mm | Capacity: *56 (90g 8″ Frankfurters)

Bell Jar Steamer

Our Bell Jar steamer is a great little desktop display steamer, that is perfectly suited for outlets with small to medium footfall. Low cost and simple and efficient to run, this is a great unit to display product and entice shoppers.

Depth: 330mm | Width: 233mm | Height: 415mm | Capacity: *40  (90g 8″ Frankfurters)

*Capacity is variable depending on Frankfurter or Hotdog variant oused.