“Recent statistics from Horizons show that snacking is on the increase with 48% of outlets suggesting that snack sales increased year on year in the 12 months to April 2015. This can in part be put down to changes in the way consumers are eating out, the statistics show that we are eating out more frequently than before, but are spending less on each occasion – 66% of operators saw an increase in food sales you, although the average spend per head fell from £13.05 to £11.05 over the same period.

“Foodservice operators have adapted to changing customer demands, with many outlets realigning their offering to provide more opportunities for snacking throughout the day. The rise in popularity of street food as part of the handheld snacks category has been part of this changing offer.

“Research suggests that street food has grown as part of the snacking market, as consumers see the value of the personalised and more individually made elements compared with other snack options. According to the latest statistics, 50% of consumers are snacking on street food at least once a week, as these options are perceived as restaurant quality and much better value than other more traditional products.”

What one tip would you offer on maximising sales of these products?

“Offering hot dogs and frankfurters as part of the snacking range can be ideal to upsell to those patrons looking for something of higher quality than traditional snacking offerings.

“Making use of different toppings such as guacamole, pulled pork and nacho cheese sauce for example offers consumers a step up from the typical snack options enabling outlets to charge a premium price point.

“As we move into a more confident economic environment and patrons are more likely to be dining out, outlets offering more variety and premium ranges on the snacking menu can tap into a growing group of diners looking to get more for their money.

“Premiumising snack options such as hot dogs allow outlets with limited or no kitchen facilities to offer a wider range of dishes without the need for skilled kitchen staff. The Westlers frankfurter is ideal for widening an outlet’s range with a more premium handheld snacking option that will see consumers willing to spend more.

“At 90% pork, Westlers authentic beechwood smoked frankfurter offers one of the highest meat contents on the market. The Westlers frankfurter is ideal for adapting a varied snacking menu by using the standard frankfurter as a vehicle for a wide range of toppings and sauces.

“Westlers offers support packages that enable caterers to offer premium and varied snacking menus without the need for extensive kitchen facilities and catering staff. The packages which include roller grills, steamers and bain maries have the added benefit of offering operators the opportunity to reduce cooking time to ensure premium snacks are ready to serve at any time of day.”