Born in the USA

“The introduction of food from the USA has significantly changed the landscape of menus in British pubs. Previously, UK dishes such as bangers and mash, toad in the hole and steak and kidney pie dominated menus. However, the introduction of American foods such as hamburgers and fries saw a shift in the types of food being offered. Due to the popularity of the first American offerings, other dishes followed such as hot dogs, sliders and pulled pork.

“The type of American food that has become popular on menus is a shift away from the more formal dining experience that accompanied UK dishes. Foods like hamburgers, fries and hot dogs require less cutlery and can usually be eaten by hand. This type of food suits the more casual diner, seeking great food without the hassle.”

 Far eastern flavours

“The influx in American food has whetted the appetite of UK pub diners for more exotic food. Recent flavours from Asia have become popular with Japanese and Korean food now being seen on food menus. The influx of various food cultures on menus has meant that some US dishes have seen a decline for example, the hamburger has seen a reduction of 17%[1] in dishes on menus. However its compatriot, the hot dog has seen a massive increase of 86% in the same period.

“The growth of the hot dog has been due to its versatility to adapt to different flavour combinations. The rise of the gourmet hot dog has seen the toppings which accompany it improve significantly and become more diverse, along with the quality of primary ingredients, the bread and frankfurter.”

Convenience is key

“Ensuring that consumer trends are met is crucial for any pub, as failure to offer the right choices may reduce in a loss of sales. With diners screaming out for a wider variety of flavours, having the appropriate ingredients to help deliver their wants is very important.

“American food has remained popular because of the convenience and change in dining experience that it also offers. The common characteristics that make up American food can all be found in the hot dog. Its versatility enables it to take on new flavours from around the world, while still offering consumers the dining experience they want. To ensure caterers are doing all they can to meet consumer needs, they should look to source high quality products like Westlers’ frankfurters.”

Only the best

“Westlers’ frankfurters are a premium product that can help pub chefs create great American inspired food. Offering a high meat content of 90% and naturally smoked using beechwood to give distinct flavour, pubs can offer a familiar and tasty primary ingredient, while adding exotic toppings and sides to suit their clientele.

“Sourcing a high quality, main ingredient can provide caterers with many benefits. Choosing a familiar ingredient such as frankfurters and matching them with new flavour combinations can be a great way of meeting consumer demand for a greater a variety of flavours. It can also help to entice customers who might be unsure about trying something completely new. Adding different flavours to a central ingredient can also help save money for the caterer as fewer ingredients are needed. Furthermore, it allows for more focus to be directed towards the themes of the dishes which is crucial for helping to encourage trial.”

[1] Horizons, Menurama 2014