Influx of diners

“As England and Wales prepare to host one of the biggest sporting events in the world, it is essential that caterers look to offer cost effective foods that will entice diners.

“The Rugby World Cup (RWC) will see over 450,000 spectators from across the world land on our shores. The economy is expected to see an additional £982m added to the national GDP as a direct result of the tournament.

“Interest in rugby as a sport is becoming greater and greater and the TV audience is estimated to reach a potential 4 billion. Rugby now has a mass appeal and with the World Cup lasting 44 days, it is important that caterers react to this huge event by offering a menu that reflects it.”

“The RWC will start mid-September just as students make their way back for another year of studying, making it the ideal time for bars to attract extra custom.

Convenience is key

“The Rugby World Cup will be a national event, taking place all over the country in 13 stadiums. With the large buzz created through the sporting event, caterers must offer suitable foods for diners looking to embrace the tournament atmosphere.

“With numerous mid-week matches occurring over the course of the tournament, most fans will be looking for somewhere to catch the game. Over this period bars could look to create an atmosphere and dining experience that embodies the RWC. As well as offering diners the opportunity to watch the game on TV, caterers could look to offer convenient food which could enhance the viewing of each match.”

Handheld hot dogs

“For caterers looking capitalise on the Rugby World Cup, hot dogs have qualities that make them the ideal food to serve up. They can be presented as a standalone hand held snack or as be used as a base for a more creative option.

“The recent rise in popularity of the gourmet hot dog has seen an increased variety of toppings and sides being introduced to broaden customer appeal and allow for improved profit margins. The variations in toppings allow caterers to be creative and produce hot dog dishes of teams playing in the RWC. Toppings such as French ratatouille, American Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Japanese Chicken Teriyaki can be added to make hot dog menus more appealing during the tournament.”

A helping hand

“Frankfurter specialists, Westlers offer a high quality product that has been produced to satisfy the needs of caterers and diners. The authentically beechwood smoked frankfurter offers diners a wonderfully flavoursome product, while the 90% meat content gives peace of mind to caterers who know they are offering a premium product. The Westlers frankfurter can also help drive down costs as a menu can be created by using one versatile product as a base on which to build a range of meals and snacks.

“To aid caterers further, Westlers offers equipment which can provide support with the cooking process. Steamers, bain maries and roller grills can also help to save money as lower skilled chefs do not have to be highly trained. These machines can also be used to create additional theatre around the offer when used alongside Westlers point of sale packages.

“Having these support packages also enables food to be served directly from the counter, increasing the likelihood of spontaneous sales.”