Need for speed

 “As people’s lives get busier trend of convenience has grown exponentially over the last few years. The perception of grab and go food has shifted in recent years as it was previously seen as lower quality food in comparison to sit-down restaurant food.

“Although it is important to offer food on the go, sourcing high quality ingredients should be a priority for caterers. A recent report from Mintel suggests that over half of diners see higher quality food as the leading enticement for eating out. Outlets able to offer quick, convenient food and premium ingredients are more likely to increase to drive sales.

“With the recent trend for street food, opportunities to introduce new and exciting flavours to diners are vast. Customers are continually looking to broaden their horizons by trying new food experiences.”

Handy hot dogs

“Caterers looking to increase trade and drive profits should look to source products such as hot dogs that can tap in to the growing trend for premium grab and go food. Products should be high quality, good value for money and allow kitchens to prepare and cook them quickly.

“Adding different toppings to hot dogs gives caterers the opportunity to create simple, great tasting snacks. Toppings such as horseradish mayonnaise, jalapeños, sauerkraut and guacamole are just a few that can help add value and can be easily combined. Being able add new toppings can be a great way of reinventing a menu and engaging with diners.

Westlers’ offering

“Frankfurter specialists, Westlers’ premium 90% pork frankfurters are naturally smoked over beech wood to give a unique, authentic tasting product. The frankfurters have one the highest meat contents on the market. Choosing our product gives caterers the peace of mind that they are serving a quality frankfurter that will be loved by diners.

“To support caterers, Westlers supply equipment such as roller grills, steamers and bain maries; POS materials such as posters and flags; and sundries such as branded frankfurter boxes are also available to help create an engaging experience and simple to execute proposition.”