The Big Kitchen to create inspirational fast-food dishes with Westlers at Lunch 2015

The Big Kitchen team will be rustling up inspirational gourmet Westlers frankfurter dishes at this year’s Lunch event at London’s Business Design Centre from 24th to 25th September 2015.

‘Westlers globally inspired gourmet menu will showcase the versatility of Westlers frankfurters for operators looking to offer diners tasty food that can be served quickly and eaten conveniently.

The Big Kitchen team will create a world of flavours on Stand U120, and visitors can look forward to sampling numerous gourmet frankfurter dishes. These include: the Monte Christo pork frankfurter with Swiss cheese, strawberry jam, gherkin and mustard; the Londoner pork frankfurter with bacon, tomato, brown sauce, ketchup or mayo; the Louisiana BBQ Pulled Pork frankfurter with onion, coleslaw, lettuce and red onion; the Mexican Pork frankfurter with chilli, jalapeno, sour cream and Monterey Jack Cheese and the Venetian Pork frankfurter with red onion, mozzarella, salsa and chorizo.

Officially launched at Casual Dining in February 2015, Westlers frankfurters, made from 90% pork are naturally smoked with beechwood to give them a tasty, unique flavour. Now, at Lunch 2015, The Big Kitchen will be showcasing how quick and easy to prepare Westlers frankfurters are for operators looking to capitalise on the demand for more casual gourmet products.

Robert Burns, marketing controller at Westlers, said: “Choosing to serve frankfurters, offers caterers lots of benefits and opportunities, as the frankfurter is an extremely versatile platform, on which caterers can build an array of inspired dishes. The Westlers frankfurter enables caterers to have confidence in their base ingredient, allowing them to be creative with themes and flavours that compliment in both quality and taste.

“Serving a variety of hot dog dishes, with tastes from around the world, shows innovation, whilst having visual impact and culinary flair, which can help to drive sales. Toppings can also be prepared before opening times along with the frankfurters, providing consumers with a quick serving solution and caterers with more time to focus on their customers during service.

“Sourcing a high quality frankfurter in conjunction with a creative world of flavours themed menu, can provide the perfect combination to increase profitability, by offering customers a unique and memorable experience.”

Along with the premium frankfurter, The Big Kitchen can offer support with cooking equipment to help caterers prepare and present their Westlers frankfurters in the best possible way. Bain maries, roller grills and steamers allow caterers to offer hot dog dishes directly from the counter as both the frankfurters and pre-prepared toppings can be kept at optimum temperature throughout service. In addition to this, POS materials such as posters and flags as well as sundries such as Westlers branded hot dog boxes are available. All are designed to build a bit of theatre and create a more engaging dining experience.