Westlers Multi Menu is a range of ready meals in 400g packs designed for quick serve retail (QSR) outlets looking to reduce waste. Over the years Multi Menu has become the ready meal of choice for jacket potato operators across the UK, who have adopted the range as the ‘go to’ hot topping for baked potatoes.

Multi Menu is equally at home as a main meal solution, along side boiled rice or fries, in addition to being used in wraps or flatbreads as a hot filling. Westlers Multi Menu is a truly versatile range and is available in two varieties: chilli con carne and chicken curry.

All Westlers Multi Menu meals are pre-cooked and unopened will keep for up to 12 months from manufacture. Each 400g pouch provides 2 x centre plate 200g portions and 3x 133g toppings for jacket potatoes. The Westlers Multi Menu is designed with end users in mind, simple to prepare, pre-cooked to make re-heating as quick as possible and portion controlled to maximise operators’ yields and help reduce food waste.

The Multi Menu Range

Westlers Multi Menu Chicken Curry

A medium spiced chicken curry, ideal for outlets looking to serve something spicy and versatile. Can be used as a centre plate, but is most at home served on a jacket potato topped across chunky fries.

Code: 52936 | Size: 6x400g | Product/Case barcode: 5010599029363 05010599069152

Westlers Multi Menu Chilli Con Carne

A medium spiced chilli con carne, with enough heat for most tastes. Ideal for outlets looking to serve a quick and simple centre plate or jacket topping. Can be used as a filling in burritos or as a topping to burgers for that gourmet edge.

Code: 52938 | Size: 6x400g | Product/Case barcode: 5010599029387 05010599069154