The Londoner

A twist on the classic BLT!

Built with double the pork for your satisfaction. The crispy bacon brings out the natural smoky flavour of our frankfurter, while the salad and tomato add crispness.

1. Choose it… A soft 8″ baguette works best.
2. Fill it………. lay in  a bed of fresh crispy iceberg lettuce. Fry off some streaky bacon strips and place on one side of the bun, slide in  your grilled Westlers 90% pork frankfurter and add thinly sliced tomatoes down the opposite side of frankfurter.
3. Top it………with brown sauce for a fruity finish.

What you will need...

  • Westlers 90% pork beechwood smoked frankfurter
  • Soft baguette
  • Fresh crispy iceberg lettuce
  • Streaky bacon strips
  • Sliced salad tomatoes
  • Brown sauce

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