This is a frank (get it?) take on the classic `BLT’ but with double the pork for your bite. The crispy bacon brings out the natural smokey flavour of our beechwood smoked Frankfurter, while the salad and tomato add crispness and fresh top notes to round off the job.

  1. Choose it… We suggest you opt for a  soft baguette as (you may need the room with all that pork).
  2. Fill it… Spread or squeeze in a mayonnaise bed on your baguette and top with a bed of fresh crispy iceberg lettuce. Crisp off some streaky bacon by wrapping it around your Frankfurter and shallow frying, alternatively, fry off the  bacon and break into small pieces, Place your Westlers 90% pork Frankfurter on top of the lettuce and then and sprinkle bacon pieces evenly all along the length.
  3. Top it… Add thinly sliced tomatoes or diced down both sides of the bun and top off the Frankfurter with brown sauce for a fruity finish.