Westlers has been producing tasty meal solutions and snacks for over half a century. Our range of frankfurters and hotdogs are ideal for sporting venues, cinema, theme parks, festivals, hotels or anywhere people meet to relax and enjoy the good times.

Westlers products are designed with end users in mind, all of our products are pre-cooked to make re-heating simple and quick. Hotdogs and frankfurters are by virtue individual, therefore portion controlled. Our range of formats and pack sizes are designed to maximise operators’ yields and help reduce food waste.


Westlers frankfurters are produced to the highest standards. Our development chefs have a wealth of experience in producing frankfurters and hotdogs for the retail and foodservice markets where quality and consistency are paramount.

For example, our foodservice frankfurters are manufactured to a traditional continental recipe, using a natural beechwood smoking process and are made with 90% pork, making them one of the meatiest frankfurters available.

Westlers is distributed by The Big Kitchen, part of the Zwanenberg UK, the UK arm of the Zwanenberg BV Group, one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of frankfurters in Europe.

We are custodians of our brand throughout the entire process, that’s because we make the food, we procure the meat, create the recipes, cook the product, package it up and then deliver it. That’s what makes us different to most other hotdog brands out there, we are a food business with an established history of hotdog manufacturing.


Our ready meals and food to go snacks are designed from the ground up to be versatile enough for end users to be able to use them in a variety of different ways. Being able to present and offer a core menu item in a variety of different ways, as a snack, meal or topping, helps end users avoid menu fatigue and allows them to build in profitable value added additions to a menu quickly and simply.

See our serving suggestions section for more information on toppings and sides to make the most of your offer. For more information on how profitable a hotdog offering could be please ‘Click here’ .


Our core range of ready meals, hotdogs and frankfurters are designed to help you build a simple, flexible and cost effective menu solution. Our products are designed to compliment each other to ensure our customers can create a menu that will appeal to a broad group of consumers.

Our approach to portion control, breadth of range, pack sizes and a shelf life (12-36 months) makes our offer flexible enough for businesses with both high and low footfall or those that have peaks and troughs in demand due to season scheduling or seasonality.

We are the only company to offer a portfolio of products that cover each of these segments within the out of home channel: Stadia & Leisure (Westlers 90% Pork Beechwood Smoked Frankfurters), B&I / QSR / Mobile Catering (Westlers Canned Hotdogs) and Schools and Colleges (Westlers Premium Canned Range). We are the original UK hotdog brand with over 50 years manufacturing expertise.


  • The Westlers Brand is synonymous with ‘on the go’ snacks for the leisure and casual dining sectors. Established in 1960 Westlers has an established history in the category.
  • Frankfurters are at the forefront of the trend for casual dining and street food. Tap into this potential with the brand consumers know and trust.
  • Westlers frankfurters are based on a authentic European recipe and are naturally smoked over beechwood. Plus there’s more protein per bite…with Westlers frankfurters being made from 90% pork.
  • We are specialist hotdog manufacturers and develop our products from the ground up, managing every stage of development from raw ingredients, to recipe development and  final product.

So jump on board & share in the good times….